Board Games for Couples

Why not play a board game this Valentine's Day with your significant other?

I have compiled a list of games (all of which I've played) that you may enjoy!

1) Codenames Duet - The two player co-operative version of the popular word guessing game.

2) Jenga - This classic dexterity game, is always a fun time!

3) Rivals for Catan - A two player card game version of the popular board game, which I actually enjoy more!

4) Patchwork - A tile placing game, much like Tetris, that I really enjoy playing. Plus there is a special Valentine's Day edition!

5) Azul - A tile drafting and placing game, where you are trying to score the most points. There's a Master Chocolatier Edition (that is now on my wishlist), which is perfect for Valentine's Day!

6) Skulls of Sedlec - Really any ButtonShy game would be fun, but Skulls of Sedlec is a simple game where you're placing cards in a grid trying to gain the most points.

If you have played any of these games, let me know what you thought. Happy Playing!

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