UNCOVERING LILY (Loving Lily: missing scene)

Summer 2019 - Nantucket, MA

~ Lily ~

“Do you love me?” Finn’s whispered growl sounds in my ear.

I stand wrapped safely in my man’s arms standing at the end of the pier in the dark, watching the waves lap lazily against the rocks in the moonlight. The warm summer breeze is cooling my newly sunburnt skin, from our day of hiking and sightseeing.

Gripping Finn’s forearm tightly in my hands, I turn my head slightly. In the light reflected off the water, I catch a glimpse of his sexy scowl. “You know, I do.”

My man strengthens his hold on me and buries his face into my neck, breathing in deeply and exhaling he commands, “Say it.”

There was a time I worried that my feelings for this man were clouded by him having rescued me. A year and a half ago, I had been kidnapped and held captive in a Hong Kong brothel for nineteen days. When Finn arrived, we spent a night together, where I very willingly gave him my virginity and discovered the pleasures of sharing my body with a man.

Since that night, Finn has become my best friend. I now know my feelings and my love for him, are not because of how we began, but rather for the amazing man he is. My man is loyal, thoughtful, and caring; he can also be stubborn, commanding, and determined.

I turn in his arms, wrap my own around his neck, and tell him firmly, “I love you, Xavier Rodolphus Finch.”

Finn groans on the use of his middle name, one he hates. I kiss the hinge of his smoothly shaven jaw, and breathe in the musky aftershave he used when getting ready for the fundraiser we are attending this evening.

Several moments pass in silence before I begin to mutter softly, “Do you—?”

“Never doubt it,” my man growls, fisting the back of my hair and gently tugging my head back. Our eyes meet in the dim light, and I can see the truth of his words in the passionate spark of his amber eyes. “You’re mine, princess, and I love you.”

“And you’re mine,” I remind him fiercely before sucking and nipping gently at his neck.

“Don’t kiss me like that, unless you want to be fucked right here,” he warns me.

“That’s something we’ve never done.”

I pull back and give him a playful smile, and his sexy scowl deepens.

“You’re playing with fire, princess,” he tells me, pressing our lower bodies together, letting me feel his hardening cock beneath his perfectly tailored tux.

I bite my lip. My cheeks flush as memories of last night flood my mind. The feel of his warm hands as they moved along my body in a possessive caress. The intoxicating taste of his kisses. And the pleasure of having his thick cock moving within me.

“Maybe we should head back and take advantage of the jacuzzi in our suite again?” I suggest pressing my body more fully against Finn’s.

“Just one of the many reasons I love you,” he chuckles, brushing a loose strand of hair from my face and touching his full lips to mine, leisurely teasing me into a deep plundering kiss.

Ending the assault, Finn presses a firm kiss to my forehead before asking, “Have you had fun this weekend?”

“Yes,” I tell him brightly, giving him a quick squeeze.

Finn and I don’t usually get a lot of uninterrupted time together between my school and his work schedule. Even our weekends are busy. The last time we spent more than one day together was when we went to Paris for our anniversary in April.

This mini-holiday has been amazing. For the past three days, it has been just the two of us, with minimal interruptions from our lives back in Boston. We have gone hiking, toured the cranberry bogs, went whale watching and made love at every possible opportunity.

When Finn received the invitation to the fundraiser this evening, he decided it was the perfect excuse for an island getaway. I’m not taking classes during the summer session, and the contract for a lucrative partnership with my late father’s company is nearly complete.

“What about you?”

“Of course I have, princess, I’m with you.”

“Really?” I tease. “I thought it was only the chocolate covered cranberries you were enjoying.”

“As delicious as they are, nothing compares to your sweetness,” he growls, running his palm down my back to squeeze my ass. It travels down further, and I feel the warmth of his hand as he dips it underneath the slit in my dress, running it along my thigh. My core pulses in excitement.

“Finn,” I groan in frustration as he teases my delicate flesh with the calloused pads of his fingertips.

“Just making sure my woman’s pussy’s nice and wet for later,” he chuckles softly in my ear.

I slowly move one of my hands down his chest. Finn jerks in surprise and groans out my name when I cup his hardness in my hand.

The distant sound of the fundraiser’s band can be heard playing in the background as we continue silently torturing each other with unfulfilled pleasure.

“Fuck,” Finn snaps when the clopping sound of people walking along the boardwalk that leads out to the pier breaks our moment. We are no longer alone.

Giggling, I release my hold on him and take a step back, out of his reach.

“Let’s go say goodnight to our hostess, and head back to the hotel.” Finn takes hold of my hand and leads me back towards the large mansion.

“I think we need our own pier.”

“I was thinking the same thing, princess.” He turns his head smiling brightly. “We should get a summer house here for the weekends.”

“As long as it has a jacuzzi.” I grip his arm with my free hand.

Definitely an outside shower too,” he leans over and whispers to me as we pass the other partygoers who smile.

Sex in water, especially hot water, isn’t supposed to be as satisfying as Finn and I find it. Yesterday, I lost my bikini bottom in the Atlantic when we made love in the water against the hull of the boat we rented. We were supposed to be looking for the very whales we are trying to save this evening.

“I love you,” I breathe out laughing.

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