Friendly Fire: Chapter Four

~ JoJo ~

“You’re avoiding me,” I glance up at the man filling my office doorway.

“Hardly,” I deny, staring blankly at the computer screen, wishing for the first time Mike was not visiting my office. Usually, his presence brightens my day. After this morning, I need time to process what happened. Or, more accurately, to emotionally distance myself from the perfect fleeting moment and the unrealistic hope it inspired.

“We need to talk about this morning.” I hear Mike say. The door’s click proceeds his footsteps to the edge of my desk. Placing his palms on the surface, he leans over, invading my space and forcing me to look in his direction.

“It’s fine,” I tell him forcing a smile on my face. “We can forget anything happened.”

“The fuck we will!” Mike’s angry growl startles me as he rounds my desk.

“Mike!” I exclaim as he pulls my chair back from the desk. His only response is to take hold of my arm and gently tug me to stand in front of him. My body moves on its own, drawn to him.

“What are you doing?” I ask, stiffening as he wraps a strong arm around my waist and pulls me tightly against the solid form of his body.

“Proving my point.”

Before I can question Mike, further his full lips are covering mine. This morning’s kiss had been spontaneous, and it does not take long to realize this one had been strategized. Mike moves his lips slowly against mine, pulling me into a false sense of his gentleness. His hands wander down my back and take hold of my ass, making me shudder and gasp. Allowing Mike’s tongue to probe my mouth as his kiss becomes demanding.

Somehow I find myself perched on the edge of my desk with Mike’s large body between my spread thighs. My own hands are now tangled in his thick head of hair. I had always wondered how the silky softness would feel against my skin. I shudder as I feel his thick cock rocking against my core.

Mike releases my lips, then moves to nuzzle and kiss my neck.

“Lee,” I gasp as he sucks my naked earlobe into his mouth while moving a hand up from my waist to cup my breast. I’m a wash in unexpected pleasure. Raking my nails through his hair, Mike groans in my ear and rocks his body into mine.

“I told you,” he whispers. “We have a lot to talk about.”

“Yes.” I find myself agreeing, tightening my hold on his body.

Mike’s low chuckle vibrates through me, “After all these years, I finally found a way to get you from arguing with me.”

“Mike,” I warn breathlessly, without any real heat.

“We’ll talk after dinner tonight,” he states, disappointing me by moving his hand from my breast and placing his palm on the desk near my hip. “I’ll even grab takeout from that Indian place you like.”

It takes me a moment to realize what he’s saying before I reply, “I can’t tonight. I have a date.”

“What the fuck,” He jerks back, giving me an angry scowl. “Cancel it.”

“No, I’m not canceling at the last minute.”

Mike pulls away quickly disentangling our bodies. I feel a flash of cold as the warmth of his body moves away.

“You’re seriously going to go out with someone when we just discovered this,” he asks, waving his hands between our bodies. By this, he clearly means the scorching heat and potential pleasure.

“I promised Mom,” I confess, hopping down from the desk to stand before him. “I told her that if she helped you watch the girls while I was in London, I’d go on a date with her friend’s nephew who just moved to town. It’s time to pay up.”

“Damn.” He places his hands on his hips, somewhat mollified and looking amused. “I need to learn how to strike a deal from Maureen. I only got a lousy mug out of it.”

“She sure knows how to work a situation to her advantage,” I grumble before smiling. “But you don’t fool me; you love that damn mug and your crazy-ass collection.”

“It was the first thing I packed,” he confides in me, alluding to the box sitting on the counter in his parent’s kitchen. 

“Mike,” I begin, not entirely sure what I want to say, too confused and unsure about what’s happening between us.

“New plan, I’ll bring dinner over for my girls, and you and I will talk when you get home,” he says, cupping my face with his palms and giving me a quick, bruising kiss. Before I can react, he’s already walking away and opening the door.

“I didn’t agree to that,” I call after him. Turning, he smiles at me, ignores my comment, and leaves the office, clicking the door closed as he goes. Grabbing my chair, I drop back into it, reeling from what just happened.

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