Introducing: Trevor Gregor from Claiming Lily

This post is dedicated entirely to the swoon worthy assistant slash bodyguard that is Trevor Gregor! I am currently working on writing Claiming Lily, the sequel to Uncovering Lily and have developed the biggest crush on this supporting character. Not that I fallen out of love with Xavier Finch by any means!

When I began writing the face I saw was that of actor Warren Kole, pictured above. Blonde, blue-eyed and rugged looking! Perfect for the sweet, but deadly man that Trevor is.

Below I have included some fun facts and a small excerpt from when Trevor makes his appearance in Claiming Lily!


5 Fun Facts:

1) Medically discharged from the Army

2) The sugar cookie is his favorite cookie

3) He reads action-adventure mystery novels

4) He plays chess

5) Certified Instructor in Krav Maga



“Mr. Finch,” a booming voice calls out from across the lobby as a man jogs over to us overloaded with suitcases, a garment bag and a messenger bag.

“Here he his now,” Finn says and I feel his body relaxing against mine.

As the man draws closer, my eyes widen and I can’t help but smile as I get a better look at him. Total eye candy! He is a head shorter than Finn and broader in the chest. The tight royal blue polo shirt, shows off his pecks perfectly. Staring at his chest I almost miss his square jaw, bright blue eyes, and light blonde hair cropped short. All on a canvas of alabaster skin even paler than my own. You could tell from the way he walks towards us that he, much like Finn, exudes self confidence. It’s almost palpable. And extremely sexy.

The top button of his shirt is undone and I can see wisps of curly blond hair peeking out. I can’t help but wonder how far that hair trails down his chest.

“Lily,” Finn snaps, the sound of his voice and his fingertips digging into my hip, breaks through my musings.

I look up at his sexy scowl, his golden eyes boring into mine, and I melt into his side asking “Sir?”

“Princess, this is my assistant Trevor,” Finn introduces us, curling me further into his chest.

“Miss MacKay,” he says respectfully, giving me a bright smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hi,” I smile and give him a small idiotic wave, from where I’m plastered against Finn’s chest. 

Text Copyright © 2018 Rene Webb, All Rights Reserved


I cannot wait for you to fall in love with Trevor too. Don't worry he is single, for now...

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