Cover Reveal: Love Found

Cover Reveal for Love Found by Rene Webb
In celebration of the new, steamy, cover of LOVE FOUND: A Valentine's Day Romance. You could win a $10 gift card to Rene Webb's online store (see below)!


“You’re home early,” she states, moving down the short hallway and into the tiny kitchen, which always seems to smell delicious.
“It’s starting to really come down out there.” Hanging up my jacket and grabbing my bag from the floor, Russell and I follow her.
“How much snow are we supposed to get?”
“Only a couple of inches.” I drop the bag onto the counter before coming up behind her, where she’s putting grounds into the coffee maker. Wrapping an arm around her waist and moving her soft curls aside, I kiss her neck. “Franklin’s gone all week, and David had left for the day already. So I figured I’d avoid the snow and work from home.”
“This doesn’t feel like work,” she giggles, pushing her ass into my crotch.
My cock twitches in interest, and my pants suddenly feel tighter. Fuck.
Two can play at that game. I give Nina’s ass a light smack just to hear her moan, “Aaron.”

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